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90 Minute Breakthrough Session with Sofia

If you’re in a challenging place in life or are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, this one-on-one consultation with Sofia will offer you the support, clarity and wisdom you need.  With Sofia you will get straight to the core of what is holding you back from living a life you want.  You will leave this session feeling clear on what your next step is, have a deeper understanding of how to create a profound breakthrough from your current challenging life situation.

In this session you will receive:

  • Clarity on what’s holding you back in your current challenging life situation
  • Wisdom and guidance that will empower you to create a life you love living
  • Support that holds you to your highest potential and encourages the best within you
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Sofia has an infectious energy about her that is uplifting. When you add to that the clarity and inspiration she gives, you end up knowing how to live out your purpose in this world

Sally Hanan, Life Coach & Author

3-Month One-On-One Coaching with Sofia

Over the course of 3 months Sofia will meet with you once a week for this twelve-week program to kick-start a greater understanding of what you want out of life and how you can tap into your unique strengths to achieve that. This program caters to your needs and learning style and helps develop the tools to create momentum in your life. You will work together to establish values-based goals and create a weekly action plan to meet them.

In this consultation you will receive:

  • Breakthrough session...Plus
  • Exercises that will help you identify what’s most important to you in life and set-values based goals
  • Assignments that will help you maintain forward momentum
  • Resources that will empower you to stay committed to your personal growth and transformation
  • Assessments that will allow you to gain perspective on your progress and celebrate the small successes along the way
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Sofia has given me a better understanding about the importance of goals and time management, both personally and professionally. My life is my business and her knowledge of not only life experiences, but also her professional experience is an incredible balance that has helped me find balance and order with my professional life and personal life.

Lisa, Photographer