Why Should You Take Charge And Shape Your Life?

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This blog is for YOU.  I believe in your greatness, which shows itself in your desire to do something purposeful in your life, to live with passion!  The neuroscience geek in me also believes in your brain.  Your brain is awesome because it is plastic—less like a water bottle and more like clay—with a capacity to be shaped by your behavior and environment.  Its wiring allows it to be conscious of its own experience making you capable of questioning your own existence. Why am I here?  What was I meant to do with my life?   What is my purpose?  We search for answers in work, relationships, addictions, and time after time we come up empty handed.  You are reading this because you want answers, but you’re not sure how or even where to start.  I am writing as a call to action to stop asking and start living!

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Yet, we often suffer at the hands of our own very own brains.  Fearing the unknown, the past, evading each present moment, only surviving.  Afraid of understanding what our true passions are because knowing might force us out of our comfortable life.  By comfortable, I’m not talking about lifestyle, I’m talking about being afraid to take risks.  I get fearful too, but this blog is a testament to what I continue to learn: living in alignment with who you really are naturally shapes a life you love, a life you’re excited to share with others.  It is worth the risk!


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But sometimes sh*t happens!  I get it.  That’s part of the duality, the yin and yang, of life.   We get hurt, but instead of shaking it off and moving on, many of us have a tendency to wear our wounds proudly like badges earned in battle. We mull over them and share them with everyone we meet.  The wounds become the story we tell ourselves, and before we know it we are living them over and over again.  Just remember, regardless of what your life experience has been up to this point, you are a conscious being who gets to choose your perspective on life and how you live it, today.   When you replace old destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns with productive thought and action, you become empowered.  Your deepest wounds become your greatest gifts, which can be used to empower others!   Think of a superhero…they rise from their challenges to give others the chance to do the same.


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So, do you want the red pill or the blue pill?  It’s your choice.  You can walk up to any of the doors of possibilities in your life and explore the world behind it.  It’s yours for the taking, but how will you know unless you step up?  Will you stand there shaking in fear waiting for time, tragedy, or another person to make a decision for you?  OR will you muster the courage, ask for help, have faith, and take that first step into the unknown and to keep walking?


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Promise yourself today to take control of your life.  Live mindfully knowing that you are guaranteed only this moment. Start that business you’re always talking about, start traveling to the places on your bucket list, start writing that book, what ever your step is, take it!  If you need a little help along the way, a little kick-start to get you moving along, ask me.  That’s what I’m here for!

Now It’s Your Turn

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in getting started on achieving goals in your life?  Thank you so much for generously sharing your wisdom below!